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Tow Truck Insurance Illinois

If you are looking for better deals on Tow Truck Insurance in Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Colorado, Minnesota, Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Wisconsin, Georgia, Florida, or the state of Maryland for Tow Truck Companies including Repo, Auto Repair Garages, and Car Dealerships we can help you obtain the insurance you need seven days per week.

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Illinois Tow Truck Insurance — Don’t Make These Mistakes! Part One 

We speak to several hundred new tow truck companies each year that call Pathway requesting quotes and information.

We have noticed a few reoccurring mistakes some tow truck operators make that affect their premiums in a very adverse fashion. Some of those mistakes include:

  • Purchasing tow trucks from a company that went out of business
  • Operating without insurance
  • Allowing unlisted drivers to operate vehicles
  • Hiring drivers with bad driving records
  • Letting their insurance lapse
  • Turning in small claims

Keep in mind, it is already difficult to find good rates for Tow Truck Insurance in Illinois as it is currently because a number of key insurance underwriters stopped taking on new business for Tow Truck Operators.

When any of the above mistakes are made by Tow Truck Operators you can expect to pay the highest premiums possible.  Let’s examine those mistakes one at a time to better prepare you to avoid paying the maximum amount of money for your Illinois Tow Truck Insurance. 

Tow Truck Insurance Illinois — Purchasing Tow Trucks From A Company That Went Belly Up! 

Buying tow trucks at a discount price seems like a good idea on one hand, but on the other hand it can make it difficult for you to find good rates on Illinois Tow Truck Insurance. Here’s why:

Example: Ronnie Rabble Rouser works for Acme Wile E Coyote Towing in Chicago. The owner of Acme Wile E Coyote Towing, Billy Ray, calls together a company meeting on a Friday afternoon to let everyone know that they are all being let go because the company, Acme Wile E Coyote Towing, is going out of business that day.

Billy Ray mentions that all of the tow trucks are up for sale and any who is interested should see Billy Ray as soon as possible.

Ronnie has always wanted to have his own tow truck company. So while he is concerned about the news he received about being fired, he has always wanted to go into business for himself. He goes up to Billy Ray to find out how much he wants for the truck Ronnie normally drives.

“Come into my office Ronnie,” Billy Ray greets him. “We can work something out, I’m sure.”

Billy Ray sits down at his desk and motions Ronnie to sit in the chair in front of them. He then writes down a number on a half torn piece of paper and slides it over to Ronnie, stating, “my offer is only good for 1 day, and if you want this truck I need cash on the barrel head tomorrow, Ronnie.”

Ronnie looks at the paper and sees that it is a really good price.  Ronnie knows this is true because he has looked up pricing on his specific Tow Truck Model in the last three weeks and has seen what they are worth. Ronnie’s former boss Billy Ray is giving him a great deal.

Ronnie says, “well, let me see if I can get the money for you Billy Ray. If I can, you got a deal.”

Ronnie doesn’t have enough money saved up to buy the truck directly, so he calls his Mom and convinces her to loan him some money. He drains his savings account and takes 3 cash advances on 3 different credit cards but he comes up with the money the next day.

Ronnie meets Billy Ray at the bank and hands over the cash. Billy Ray signs over the title and now Ronnie is in business. He has his own tow truck.

Ronnie knows Steven Winston over at county and gives him a call to ask if he can be put on the rotation for picking up abandoned cars.

“No problem, Ronnie. You were always Acme Wile E Coyote Towing’s best man. Call Mary Jane at extension 7663 and she will get you set up with my approval.”

Ronnie calls and speaks to Mary Jane, and she emails the paperwork to Ronnie.

He drives back to his apartment, opens up his email, and reviews the requirements. Ronnie is going to need to show proof of commercial auto insurance for $1 million.

Ronnie starts making some phone calls to agents that sell Tow Truck Insurance in Illinois.

He talks to three different agents, and of those agents only one is able to help Ronnie obtain the insurance he needs because there was a problem with Acme Wile E Coyote Towing’s previous insurance policy.

How could the previous insurance policy of Acme Wile E Coyote Towing cause a problem for Ronnie obtaining Illinois Tow Truck Insurance for a new business venture?

We’ll learn the answer to that important question in our next post.

Illinois Tow Truck Insurance — Contact Pathway Today.

No matter if you are a new business venture or a well-established company with years of experience, we can help you find the Illinois Tow Truck Insurance you need to keep you on the road and working.

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