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 Tow Truck Insurance Joliet Illinois — Don’t Make These Mistakes! Part Five

In a previous article you can read by clicking on Rockford Illinois Tow Truck Insurance Mistakes we learned how some towing operators acquiring used tow trucks from companies that went out of business subsequently found it difficult to find low rates for Tow Truck Insurance in Illinois.

Why? The activity of the previous owner would sometimes flow through to the new owner of the purchased tow truck.

In this article we are going to discuss another mistake that tow companies make: operating without insurance.

 Joliet Illinois Tow Truck Insurance — Operating Without Insurance Is Always a Bad Idea. Here Is Why: 

We receive hundreds of quote requests for Tow Truck Insurance. Some of the Tow Truck Company Owners contacting us have had a lapse in their insurance coverage yet they are still operating without appropriate Illinois Tow Truck Insurance.

That’s a bad idea 100% of the time. Here’s why:

  • It’s Illegal
  • Any Claims That Occur Will Need to Be Paid 100% Out Of Pocket
  • You Will Lose Your Driver’s License If You Get Caught
  • You Can Lose Any Good Will or Reputation You Developed in Your Area
  • You Can Lose Your Business

It is definitely against the law to drive without insurance in Illinois no matter if it’s a commercial vehicle or personal vehicle. Getting caught without insurance will result in fines anywhere from $500 to $1,000.

If you are between insurance companies and you have a claim while you are not insured you will need to pay that claim completely out of pocket, plus forfeit your driver’s license for at least four months, pay a minimum fine of $2500, and pay other reinstatement fees (as well as pay for the claim you just caused out-of-pocket).

What if you injure someone and they sue you and you are between commercial insurance policies?  Hiring an attorney is expensive, but paying a large judgement may be devastating to the bottom line of your finances.

Yet almost every week we have 1-2 tow truck operators call our office looking for insurance and they are driving without insurance. That is certainly not a good move.

No matter how careful of a driver you feel that you are, there’s always a chance you can have an accident.

Tow Truck Insurance Joliet Illinois — Don’t Go without Insurance!

Never under any circumstances operate your commercial vehicles without the proper insurance!

It’s simply not worth it.  Imagine for a moment that you receive a rate increase from your current company that you feel was unjustified and you get mad and tell your agent to cancel your policy, with which he dutifully complies.

Before you have an opportunity to acquire new insurance one of your drivers is involved in a serious accident involving an injury.  You get sued, you lose your driver’s license (because you were the owner of the truck and were required to maintain continuous insurance), and after hiring a civil defense attorney at $400 per hour you receive a $150,000 judgment plus a $40,000 legal fee bill.

How would your business survive?

Just don’t drive without insurance. It’s not worth it. We at Pathway can get you on the road quickly.

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