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Tow Truck Insurance Peoria Illinois — Don’t Make These Trucking Insurance Mistakes!

This week we continue our series about Trucking Insurance Mistakes.

Last time, we recommended that you call your insurance company or agent as soon as you become aware that your Commercial Auto Insurance policy has lapsed.

If the company is willing to reinstate your policy, you will have to pay your balance and you will also have to send the insurance company a signed statement of no-loss, which states that you did not have any claims during the lapse period.

Peoria Illinois Tow Truck Insurance —Mistake Number 1: Allowing Your Policy to Lapse Due to Non-Payment (Continued)

What do you do if you did have a claim while your policy was cancelled?

Unfortunately, this is where things start to get expensive.

If you had a claim on one or more of your insured vehicles while you technically did not have insurance, your insurance company will not reinstate your policy .

They also will not provide compensation for any claims that occurred while the policy was in a canceled state.

In fact, it is you who will be responsible for paying the claim out of your pocket.

In addition, you will not be able to obtain new insurance coverage from that insurance company.

Instead, you will have to look elsewhere for your future coverage.

Next week we will discuss a few more consequences of allowing your policy to lapse.

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